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Monica Rozak is currently accepting oil painting commission requests. 

Commissions are final sale and typically take 8+ weeks to complete.

If you have any questions about the commission process,

please read about custom artwork with Monica Rozak in the FAQs below.



Please fill out the form below

to inquire about a custom painting.

I will try to respond to all inquires within 1 - 3 business days.

After discussing the finer details of your project,

I will add you to the calendar schedule.

I look forward to working with you!

Thanks! Message sent.

  • How does the commission process work?
    1. Contact Monica with the details of the scene you want to have painted and supply a photo/s of the location. We discuss what you would like in terms of color, time of day, and the overall feeling of the completed painting. We also discuss the size, framing, date of completion and any other details. 2. Monica may decide to paint a small color sketch for you to approve or she will forward progress shots as she works. This can be discussed before she begins your piece. 3. Monica will forward a final photo and if any changes or alterations are necessary, that will be completed before your final piece is packed and delivered - you have your very own custom painting!
  • What does it cost to commission an artwork?
    Generally, commissioned pieces are priced slightly higher than comparable pieces in the artist’s portfolio, because of the additional time and effort to consult with all parties, and create a very specific work. There are no surprises and the contract or invoice spells out the details very clearly.
  • How long does it take to commission an artwork?
    The time varies, depending on the size, medium (oil takes a long time to dry), the details of the piece, and the artist’s schedule. Typically you should count on 4 – 12 weeks for completion, however it may be longer depending on Monica's schedule.
  • How is payment handled for a commissioned artwork?
    In addition to personal checks, cashier's check, cash, and money orders, you may pay in person or by Paypal with the following major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Please email to arrange for bank transfer or alternative payment method. Payments must clear before artwork is released.
  • What is required from the client?
    1. A good clear photo of the subject matter as you want it to appear in your painting. This photo should be one you are completely happy with. If not provide another one you are happy with or be very specific regarding what changes you want made to the subject matter contained within the photo. Please keep in mind Monica is an intuitive painter will create your painting to interpret the photo as closely as possible. 2. A deposit. This small non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the total purchase price of your painting. You are not obligated to purchase the painting if you are not happy with it, however the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit covers the cost of materials used to begin your painting. 3. Patience. Although Monica will work as quickly as possible, please keep in mind your painting won’t happen over night. She will send you updates at various stages of the work to keep you posted on how your painting is coming along. Oil paints and drying time varies with each painting. Once your painting is completed, she will need to wait until it is dry enough to safely package before shipping. You can expect the process ( depending on size ) to take around 4 - 6 months ( even longer for some paintings ) from the time Monica starts your painting, until it is ready for shipping. Your patience will ensure she creates a painting you will be happy with and bring you years of enjoyment. 4. Don’t take offense if Monica cannot accommodate your commission. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s usually because the photo is not suited to making a great painting or she is simply too busy to take on another commission at the moment. Which ever the case, we will let you know. At that time you can try a different photo or wait until Monica has finished her other commissions and has more time to devote to your painting.
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